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Action for Carers Surrey are a charity for carers, led by carers, with a clear vision and mission. Action for Carers Surrey vision is to enable all of Surrey’s (unpaid) carers to have a voice, and access support to improve their quality of life and wellbeing.

Surrey Carers' Strategy

Surrey County Council and the NHS in Surrey are updating their ‘Carers' Strategy’. They want your views on the services you receive as carers in Surrey. This includes your views on Action for Carers services, as they are looking for carers’ experiences to help them decide what services carers need and who should deliver them. It’s important that we get as many carers as  possible to feed into this. They summarised the strategy and ask you three simple questions, on this web page:

Surrey Carers' Strategy

Thank you for giving your views! Hopefully this will mean that Action for Carers is able to continue to support carers in Surrey for many years to come.

Events for you from Action for Carers

Coffee, Chat and Support

Why not join Action for carers with one of their video Support Groups, now running monthly? They are open to all carers, just pick the day and time that suits you, and book. Either leave a message on 0303 040 1234 option 1, email  or visit the website. Once registered, they will send joining instructions, a brief Zoom guide, and a password for your chosen Group.

  • Tuesdays 10am-11.30am

  • Wednesdays 1pm-2.30pm

  • Wednesdays 7pm-8.30pm

  • Thursdays 1.30pm-3pm

  • Fridays 10.30am-12 noon

Mindfulness - Two dates available

Join Action for Carers for a mindfulness session where they will practise techniques to promote wellbeing and reduce stress.

Consultation on carer experiences

Give your views on being a carer in Surrey. What works and what could Action for Carers do better?

  • Tuesday 8th September, 7:30pm

For more information please ring 0303 0404 1234, or email them on

Anticipatory grief

Grief is expected when someone dies, but we can also feel that loss before the death of a loved one. Join us to get support and talk about this difficult situation, with the help of bereavement specialist, Angela Higgins.

  • Wednesday 9th September, 10:30am

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